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Find bellow our case for the gearshift lever pin

for your safety and efficiency

Tie Rod End (P02426)

Della Rosa’s solution improve money saving for customers.

Brazil has today a fleet of approximately 390 thousand buses* responsible for transporting millions of passengers every day.

The critic work routine generates intense wear on the transmission system of these vehicles, in particular, the gearshift, which often suffers from a problem known as Gearshift Lever Pin Removal.

This defect, when it occurs, makes impossible for the vehicle to continue traveling – the gear shifting doesn’t occur.

In addition to the repair cost, the vehicle owner will need to tow the vehicle to the garage or repair shop, eventually pay a fine for leaving the bus stopped in an exclusive corridor, and provide another vehicle to transport the passengers who stayed there.

Thanks to Della Rosa’s innovative design, this problem no longer exists. Even in situations of intense wear, the pin may show slack, but it’ll not be removed.

The driver will be able to end his trip normally until he returns to the garage or repair shop and performs the repair.

*Data from Relatório da Frota Circulante de 2020 - Sindipeças.