What we do

Della Rosa has been producing auto parts since 1976, and today it’s one of the leading references in the manufacture of auto parts for steering, suspension and transmission for machines and vehicles in the agricultural, and heavy duty segments.

To whom we do

Our products are carefully developed for customers who demand quality, performance and safety as a priority.

Why we do

We always want to deliver better safety and reliability, on the road or in the countryside, to whom uses our products; to make this possible, we always use high quality materials in our production line and strictly comply with all safety and quality standards. In addition, our product development team is always on the lookout for improvements that can be made to genuine products – and when identified, they are tested and implemented with the aim of improving the applier experience.

Our goal

To be recognized as the best Brazilian auto parts industry, delivering services, technologies, quality, delivery time and relationships that value the customer, acting in a safe, aware, profitable and sustainable manner for all.

Our compromise

Ensure full customer satisfaction through a superior, profitable and safe experience in products and services related to the auto parts market.

Our values

Della Rosa bases its performance on principles that support its entire organizational model. Over time, some basic values have been associated with the company’s culture, defining its corporate identity core, consolidating itself as foundations on which Della Rosa built its way of acting and relating:

  • Quality and Safety
    Meet and exceed expectations
  • Entrepreneurship
    Courage to implement

  • Long-term vision
    We change what we want now for what we want most

  • Antifragility
    Decentralization and randomness make us stronger

  • Proactivity, meritocracy and own responsibility
    Think outside the box, step out of the square – You’re your results

  • Generating results
    At least, overdelivery.