Della Rosa is a protagonist in Brazil and in the world, participating of the people’s daily lives with solutions designed to each market need.

With courage to implement the best projects, we’re always willing to understand the most specific demands of our customers in auto parts for steering, suspension and transmission.

Della Rosa is your best choice: in the cities, on the roads or in the countryside.

Heavy Duty | Trucks

No doubt, the best cost / Mile ratio


The strenght and efficiency that the countryside needs

Heavy Duty | Buses

Safety that exceeds the patterns and expectations

Headquarter in 1976, 1994 and 2016

Over time, Della Rosa’s headquarter has changed

Della Rosa was established in 1976, driven by the entrepreneurial strength of Devanir Della Rosa, whom, from a dream,  built a brand that now is a reference all over the world.

With a lot of dedication, details attention, continuous investment, and an extraordinary team, the company heads to its 50 years with total strength, non-stop growing and with a higly positive reputation.

We don’t exist by oportunity or by the moment, but, by purpose. You can look to the future, because we’re already there.

The passenger on the bus wants to make sure he’ll arrive safely to his destination. Those who transport their cargo on the roads need to ensure that their costs are under control, and those who produce in the countryside know that if the tractor stops, their business are at risk.

At Della Rosa we deliver more to the customer. We use high quality materials, we maintain our own engineering that guarantees innovation and performance, we have the best production technologies in our industrial park (right here in Brazil), we control and improve our products in our own quality laboratory, we obey all the safety rules; and, we assert: our product exceeds expectations.

Della Rosa auto parts last longer and guarantee safety.

Verification of measurement

Compliance and performance assurance

Quality is a serious thing! We know that the better our product, the more positive and safe your experience is.

That’s why, at Della Rosa, we work with the best management processes, and at the same time we develop a culture of self-responsibility where everyone is committed to the outcome of the most important person for us: the customer.

We are constantly changing! We are passionate about improvement.

We understand you. Count on us!